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Welcome to CaliberMind! We're excited work with you and help unlock powerful marketing insights into data you already have!

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Q: I want to install CaliberMind, how would I do that?

A: CaliberMind requires zero installation! If you have Google, Salesforce, or Microsoft account credentials then you're all set! For the more technical people - we support Auth0 and OAuth protocols. 

CaliberMind Login

Q: Where can I learn more about CaliberMind's various features?

A: Check out this overview of CaliberMind, as well as intros on the Data, Insights, and Actions modules.

Q: I can get in, now how can I make sure I'm good to go and accelerate my data insights?

A: Make sure to check out our Enablement guides in the Getting Started section! Also check out our Common Use Cases for more ways to leverage CaliberMind!

Q: If I have trouble with anything or have questions, how do I get help?

A: Check out this article on Getting Help. But in short, start with the FAQs, if it's not answered there then search the Knowledge Base as a whole (hint: use the search bar at the top!), then if all else fails contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or CaliberMind Support as listed in the guide

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