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Google Analytics connector for CaliberMind

If you're reading this you're probably a Google Analytics admin, webmaster, work in the Digital Marketing function, in Marketing Ops, or are part of IT (it's OK, we love you too!) - if so, read on...

Setting up your Google Analytics connection to CaliberMind is easy!

Start by going to the Integrations overview and clicking on 'Add Connector':

Then click the card for 'Google Analytics', set a name, and check the 'Use Integration Default' (for historical sync) checkbox. Then click Authorize.

Select your Google Analytics connection, then in Settings set a Website URL profile:

Finally, choose the Metrics and Dimensions you wish to track in CaliberMind.

You're all set!

To maximize your insights with the CaliberMind platform, check out this Google Analytics enablement guide if you haven't already.

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